Employee Representation

Employees face serious legal challenges in their employment.

An employee, serving at any level in the chain of command, may understandably feel vulnerable when subjected to adverse actions, harassment, or less favorable treatment by the employer and/or co-workers.

An employee has personal, professional, and/or financial interests at stake. Most often, a vast disparity of resources exists between the employee and employer, i.e. a large corporate employer or government agency.

An employee is served by seeking counsel as soon as she becomes aware of a potential dispute to learn of her rights and remedies, and the proper legal procedures to address the dispute.

Murray Law welcomes the opportunity to provide experienced counsel and representation to employees. This representation includes supervisors, managers, executives, professionals, former employees, and applicants.

Equal Employment Opportunity [EEO]: Discrimination & Retaliation

Employment discrimination is unlawful. Federal and Colorado law protects individuals against discrimination on the following bases:

  • Race or Color | National Origin
  • Age
  • Sex | Sexual Orientation
  • Pregnancy, Childbirth, Related Medical Conditions
  • Sex Discrimination: Equal Pay
  • Religion, Religious Belief, Practices, Observances
  • Disability
  • Reasonable Accommodation re: Religion and Disability
  • Harassment – Hostile Work Environment
  • Retaliation
    • Adverse employer action because employee engaged in opposition to discrimination or participated in a lawfully protected proceeding.
Employment Actions

Murray Law represents individuals confronting a wide range of issues, including the following:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity: Discrimination & Retaliation & Harassment
  • Employee Defense
    • Re: allegations of wrongful/unlawful workplace conduct
  • Wrongful Discharge in Violation of Law, Public Policy
  • Adverse Actions by Employer:
    • Failure | Refusal to Hire
    • Discipline | Performance
    • Compensation | Wages | Benefits
    • Promotion | Demotion | Job Assignments
    • Employee’s lawful & protected off-duty conduct and exercise of legal rights
  • Equal Pay | Overtime
  • Non-Competition & Trade Secret Agreements
  • Family & Medical Leave
  • Employment Contracts: Express & Implied Contracts
  • Separation & Severance Agreements
  • Professional Licensure Proceedings
  • Employee Grievances
Legal Representation

This office represents private sector employees in following forums:

  • Federal & State Courts: Civil Actions-Litigation-Trials-Appeals
  • Federal, State and Local Government Agency Proceedings
  • Federal & State Administrative Agencies: EEO Charges & Investigations
  • Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Murray Law welcomes the opportunity to counsel and represent individuals confronting adverse actions and a potential derivation of rights in employment. Please contact Murray Law at 720-600-6642.

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