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Murray Law provides experienced and dedicated representation in all phases of litigation and trial practice before federal and state, trial and appellate courts. Litigation representation is provided to all participants in private sector employment and persons serving in all levels of command in federal, state, and local government employment—including individuals, employees, employers, applicants, former employees, managers, supervisors, executives, individual professionals, professional practices, and associations.

Steven Murray has successfully represented private and public sector employment law clients in litigation, case management, and jury trials before United States District Courts, including obtaining jury verdicts against private sector defendants, the United States Government, and the City and County of Denver. Steven has successfully represented clients in achieving favorable resolutions in civil rights cases before United States District Courts, including the resolution of equal opportunity claims for discrimination and retaliation. Steven has represented employment clients in large multi-plaintiff litigation before the Colorado District Court. He has resolved private and public sector employment lawsuits through the mediation and settlement process, including private mediation and the case resolution process coordinated by the United States District Court.


Murray Law welcomes the opportunity to counsel and represent individuals and entities in employment and civil rights litigation before state and federal, trial and appellate courts. We look forward to meeting you. Please contact Murray Law, a Denver employment law practice, at 720-600-6642.

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