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Murray Law provides experienced counsel and representation in all phases of the mediation and arbitration process.


Mediation is an informal process to resolve disputes between parties.

Mediation may be conducted before or after the lawsuit is filed in court.

The parties agree to participate in mediation. The parties and their attorneys participate in the mediation.

The mediation process is conducted before a trained, professional, impartial third party. The mediator is a facilitator.

The mediator is skilled in communicating, settlement negotiations, and effective strategies for settlement. The mediator is knowledgeable about the parties’ legal claims and defenses.

The mediator seeks to have the parties recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their claims, defenses, and arguments.

The mediator does not have the power to order either party to accept the terms of a proposed settlement.

The mediation process is less costly and more efficient than a lawsuit that continues through a court trial.

Mediation proceedings are confidential.

Mediation proceedings are less aggressive and stressful than participation in litigation and trial proceedings.

Steven Murray has successfully represented private and public-sector employment law clients in mediation proceedings.


Arbitration is a dispute resolution proceeding that resolves the dispute. The arbitrator’s decision binds the parties.

The proceeding may be conducted by a single arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators.

Attorneys may represent the parties.

The parties voluntarily agree to proceed to arbitration and be bound by the arbitrator’s decision.

A contract between the parties may require the dispute to be submitted to arbitration for the arbitrator’s decision.

The arbitrator’s role is like the role of a judge. The arbitrator is experienced in conducting arbitration proceedings.

The arbitration proceeding replaces judicial litigation and a trial in court.

The arbitration proceeding is less formal than litigation and a trial in court.

The arbitration process involves a hearing before the arbitrator. In the hearing, the parties submit evidence, including calling witnesses and introducing documents.

Steven Murray has successfully represented employment and labor law clients in arbitration proceedings.


Murray Law welcomes the opportunity to represent clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings. Please call Steven Murray at 720-600-6642.

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I found Steven at a very stressful time. He has been compassionate, timely, honest & an all around pleasure to work with. His knowledge of employment law is deep and effortless. I am so pleased he is in my corner advocating for me! Thank you, Steven!


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